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07-Jan-2017 15:14

Facebook status updates claiming that the game is a front for paedophiles – although shown to be a hoax a year ago when they first appeared – have been spreading like wildfire.It seems a lot of parents have a.) been understandably been spooked by the claims, and b.) realised that although Talking Angela is installed on their devices and being used by their children, they don’t know that much about it.If this happens, call customer services on 202 to let us know.And some sites, which host illegal content, are automatically blocked to everyone. But one thing that volunteering as a moderator on Ok Cupid has taught me is that it’s not just the Nigerian scammers who have a grasp of English shakier than Greece’s medium-term fiscal policy – more depressingly, it’s local morons too.For the last few months, I've sat on my couch while trawling through dating profiles that have been reported by members who think they have spotted the tell-tales signs of a fraudulent user, or are shocked by a naughty profile pic, etc.Use Social Networking Sites Social Networking Sites such as Bebo, Facebook, My Space and Nimble amongst others are great for creating your own profiles, linking to your friends profiles, creating blogs and commenting on other peoples profiles and sharing photos. Remember that the information that you put on your profile can be seen by everybody.

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All these terms are explained here in addition to how to get the most from the site features.

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