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of all the alephs this one has the most appealing report, the intense intellectual stimulation and pages of written notes, it sounds perfect.Also form a chemical standpoint how could this not be a winner? I am, however, keen on reading any reports on this substance since its been saught-after by many over the years and now it has finally materialized. Would one still be able to go about one's daily work (nothing serious just some reading and grading) you think?He survived, following convulsions and an extended period (several weeks) of being in a comatose state.Tragic examples have been reported that involve arterial vascular spasm.So let's get the basics and start exploiting some of gera's insecure programming examples on format strings[just so that we are not just re-inventing the wheel].

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I recently obtained a dose of it and sometime this year I will arrange a meeting with my receptors. But I will certainly make this one of my priorities. Pi HKAL says 5-10mg, and then goes on to say it's very variable (as is to be expected with sulphur-containing phenethylamines).

Assume we have printf("a=%d,b=%d",a,b) , so the function parameters are pushed onto the stack from right to left. Since we have not specified any format char in the printf() , instead of pushing the address of format string to the stack, we are pushed the address of the string itself.

so the stack will be something like this : higher memory--lower memory [b][a][address of fmt string] ^ esp points here In addition , printf() has an internal pointer to the address of fmt string , wat it will do is that, unless the character encountered is % , it will output to stdout ie console (in nearly all cases). But the thing is, the compiler knows no difference between the two, so if we have a format char within our string, the compiler treats it specially grabbing 4 bytes (%x) which turned out to be 0xbfffed70.

the methyl group is always a favorite with phens (2C-D, DOM) 2C-T sounds a bit inconsistent, but i wouldent be half surprised if it tickled my fancy. I might trial that level to get it done so I can be ready for a larger dose come party time. I was not expecting much and did not get a knock you over the head trip.

And then Aleph looks like the porridge that was just right, the methyl group and then that warm sulfur. I'm feeling good still, I understand where the PIHKAL comment in the 5mg entry where the guy said afterward he felt empathetic/very nice.Every 2C has an amphetamine homologue, listing every possible permutation would be a pointless chore. There's a huge number potential (and actual) DOxs, have a read through pihkal, there's all sorts of things you could hang off that 4- position (DOSE, anyone? Eh I did DOI and DOC at the same time and thought it was fantastically intense and forgiving. I remember my doses were 7mg of DOI and 2mg DOC orally, with 5mg DOC plugged at t .

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