Bill kaulitz and andreas dating

23-Sep-2016 21:27

There's been some debate about whether he was joking. Not to mention the boy's having a SERIOUS eating disorder. He was on the German star search when he was about 11 and he already had that style then. He is not particularly trying to dress like a woman.

Also, a HOT German rapper named Bushido said on a national TV show that he wanted Bill to suck his dick.

Across an ocean and time zone, his Playboy model and girlfriend allover her ex.

“He [Burnley] wasn’t a problem in the summer, she was in Spain and Bill was touring – nobody knew they were dating anyway and Chase couldn’t get to Burnley.” Chase’s retort is, “We are just friends.” She says she has no intentions of moving to Germany, “for anybody.” She is reported to have refused an invitation from Kaulitz to accompany him at the upcoming Los Premios MTV 2008 on Wednesday, October 16, 2008. Source; The blog that the girl says she’s dating Bill This entry was posted on Monday, October 13th, 2008 at am and is filed under Bill Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel, Tokio Hotel Gossip, Tokio Hotel News, Tom Kaulitz.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tokio Hotel Tom and his girlfriend Ria Sommerfeld were spotted out last month catching a movie together while out on a date in Los Angeles.

Shljahovaja, a struggling musician, also reports she sent Tokio Hotel her demo tapes.

Shljahovaja claims Kaulitz uses his media exposure to drop hints that he is in a relationship.

I posted this a while back, but there's a funny thread about Bill at Sherdog, the UFC/MMA site. He would still appear gayer than most gays that have ever gayed. And we all know how straight that little thing turned out to be. emo's covered in heavy eye make-up, crazy hair and lipstick is almost bound to look the same, euro or Asian, the styling is so over the top you can hardly tell them apart in the end.

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It starts out sort of mean but takes a different direction when various posters confess to finding him hot. He does looks a lot like a Japanese male artist with a similar style, kills me that I can't remember the name. Bill's gay, and bizarrely, his identical twin brother is not (IIR the the likelihood of identical twins having identical sexual orientations is very high).Omg -.-” I’m so sick of people that think they date Bill O.

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