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Also, the serial numbers from 1981 - 1987 for the Brasswinds are for student trumpets and cornets only.

Data for the years 1967 to March 1974 is rather sketchy, for it was around that period of time that the Conn Brasswinds were being manufactured in Abilene, TX.

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This list is not correct for Conn saxophones (see Conn Woodwind Serial Numbers) or Conn bugles (see Pan American Brass Serial Numbers).

See Conn Reed Instrument List at Bottom of Page, or Click Return To Link Page , with additional Page on This Web Site.

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Key of Bb, .459" (11.66mm) bore, one-piece, hand-hammered, yellow brass bell; standard leadpipe; 2 tuning slides; Monel pistons; patented Modular Valve Weight (MVW) system kit; and bright silver-plated finish.

There are multiple sources for the Vincent Bach trombone on the internet today.The suspicion is that a star indicates a gold brass bell (higher copper content), while a "B" indicates a "French brass" bell.