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A chance discovery of some gold jewellery on the hill in 1928 did nothing to bring about a change in this attitude.

In January 1984, the National Museum of Singapore and a few concerned citizens resolved to use modern archaeological methods to discover whether any pre-colonial remains could still be recovered on Fort Canning Hill.

The first excavation, which was sponsored by the Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Company, focused on the area around the Keramat Iskandar Shah (believed to be the burial site of Iskandar Shah, the last ruler of ancient Singapura) on Fort Canning.

In just 10 days, several hundred artefacts dating back to the Yuan Dynasty were recovered in a layer of soil that had remained undisturbed since that time.

Singapore’s total fertility rate (TFR) needs to be 2.1 children per woman in order for its population to be self-sustaining.

At present, it is significantly below this, being 1.20 in 2011 and 1.29 in 2012 (a five-year high regarded as a blip because 2012 was a Dragon year in the Chinese zodiac).

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The various drop down tabs below cover everything in an easy-to-read format from new intake reporting information and orientation schedules to comprehensive program timetable of the various courses. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you have any queries.These artefacts were divided almost equally between Chinese and local (Malay-style) pottery, with small quantities of glass, gold, copper, lead, and dammar (tree resin used as incense).Since the inaugural excavation in 1984, numerous excavations have been undertaken at Fort Canning with the support of the National Parks Board and its predecessor, the Parks and Recreation Department.This discovery led to a series of excavations held within the area, which John Crawfurd had already discerned as ancient Singapore in 1822: about 85 hectares (850,000 square metres) of land bounded by the Singapore River, the former beach on the southeast side of the Padang, Stamford Road and Fort Canning Hill.

Several hundred thousand artefacts were recovered dating back to the period between 13.

The Statement is the product of the collective effort and insights of the 340 individuals from 51 countries who participated in the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity.

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