Quirky dating events

05-Jul-2016 07:19

Read Lovestruck’s selection of date ideas if you are about to meet someone interesting, say for a first date, but don’t know what to do or where to go? If speed dating or blind dates aren't for you, online dating in London and our apps make meeting singles so easy!

Here is our collection of fabulous, fun and unusual date ideas for London: Frankly, we all want to fall in love. We're busy, we work long hours, we have to commute into town and we have demanding social lives (ok, so we just like hanging out with our friends a lot). That’s where we come in – is a multi award-winning online dating site (website, i Phone and Android apps) that lets you date other London singles that live, work or simply are nearby.

It’s not hard to create a more offbeat or even eccentric holidays here in New York City; if the classic dinner-and-a-movie combo doesn’t sound appealing this year, then check out one of these quirky Valentine’s events! The show is a comedic event centered around the rejected material of artists, writers, and comedians.

Watch the Emmy Award-winning host, Jon Friedman, create a heartbreak haven by turning pain into laughter.

By focusing simply on looks you’re risking a date with awkward silence, we’ve all been there!

Loveflutter’s focus on two types of attraction, reading an interesting fact first before revealing a photo, gives you an insight into personality before looks.” Another key differentiator is the way Loveflutter doesn’t just help you find a potential match, but, should you begin messaging your prospective date, will prompt you with suggestions of where to actually meet.

Dying Matters, which runs between May 8 and May 14, encourages people to talk about the often taboo subject of bereavement, death and dying.

Isabel Hospice plans to handle the subject in a fun and light-hearted way, by asking people to answer: ‘Before I die, I want to...” at several of its shops.

Harnessing the same underlying “semantic” technology, Loveflutter is rebooting somewhat today with a mobile-first approach aiming to be a more “quirky” Tinder.The venue is situated in the heart of London’s glamorous Covent Garden, in a perfect situation next to the bustling marketplace.A winner for kids and adults alike, this London treasure is certain to have automobile and train buffs captivated.Add a little mystery to your evening at the Down Town Association, New York’s first private Victorian clubhouse.

This Valentine’s Day, the DTA will be transformed into a 1930s Parisian cabaret hall for a Masquerade Ball.

The MCC Museum at Lord’s Cricket Ground is a genuine treat for sport lovers.