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In addition to letters sent through the mail, it is also a federal crime to send threatening emails to another person.Specifically, it is illegal to send an email threatening to kidnap or injure someone.One of the benefits of renting, as a tenant, is that the landlord is responsible for the major maintenance of the property; however, you may need to use a Complaint to Landlord to get work done that he or she hasn't performed.Perhaps a dishwasher needs repaired, or the upstairs neighbors are inconsiderate. A Complaint to Landlord can be the first step in getting an issue fixed.There comes a time in every freelancer’s career when one has to write a very particular type of letter.A Cease & Desist letter; an Eff You letter; a Pay Me Now letter; a Stop Selling My Art on the Internet You Lousy Bum letter.The written word can pack a punch, especially when it comes in the form of a threatening letter.

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This record is necessary to prove to the police that the person has been served a Cease and Desist Order should the person not back down after the Order has been sent.

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