Tips on online dating profile

15-Jan-2016 22:10

Photos where your face is covered or you can’t see your body are not recommended as potential dates may think you are hiding something.

Avoid posting unflattering photos, such as party photos or shots where you are with another guy or girl.

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) And if you’re thinking about going the “no pic” route, don’t.

The “no pic” profile will never get clicked, and people will assume you’re anonymity means you’re cheating. Avoid the following photo clichés anywhere in your profile: Petting a tiger: You’d be surprised how many women have traveled to the tiger temple in Thailand—I must have seen hundreds of these shots in my time.

The biggest downfall of online dating is that people can easily mislead, but by maintaining honesty you avoid situations where you are called on to account for discrepancies in your profile.

The personal photo is an important part of your online dating profile as it is the first thing most of your potential dates will see.

Writing misleading information or embellishing about your accomplishments might seem like a good way to attract dates, but as soon as a date learns about white lies it will likely put up red flags that you are not trustworthy.

Every online dating profile should have a recent photograph of yourself, with good lighting and preferably showing some of your figure.

Looks aren’t everything, but physical attraction is an important part of a relationship.

Highlight a part of your life that you’re excited about — a hobby, a cause, a life change that has empowered you — and lead with it. When you’re finished writing your profile, run it by a friend or, better yet, three friends, at least one of whom is of the opposite sex. Be proud of who you are and where you are in your life.

I think you're really asking if men whose online dating site profile doesn't have a picture are legitimate. Likewise, don’t post photos where you are shirtless if you are a guy, or photos showing excessive cleavage or skin if you are a girl.

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