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29-Jul-2016 20:51

Paper counterparts have long been seen as an irritant by many drivers who have to scramble for the crumpled, dog-eared and often falling-apart piece of paper it in their wallets or purses.

However, motoring groups warn that the change could cause ‘confusion’ for many drivers - particularly those without the internet - and even leave them at risk of fraud, or higher charges for things like rental cars.

Paper driving licences are no longer issued as new or replacement driving licences after the European Union ruled that all driving licences should be in the form of a photocard driving licence that features a photograph of the licence holder and his or her signature.

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Driving licences automatically expire once you reach the age of 70 and if you wish to continue to drive, then you must renew your licence.

Around 7 million drivers in Britain still hold a traditional paper driving licence issued before the photocard and paper counterpart system was introduced.